Marketing Channels

The current focus on multichannel and omni-channel marketing, highlights the need to focus and prioritise investment in the relevant marketing channels for a company. It is not practical to manage all channels, and not all channels require the same amount of investment, whether this be time, money, team resources etc. As such you must prioritise resources on those which will provide the best return.

The questions I keep asking myself however are ‘how do you select the right channels?’, ‘what channels are right for me and my company?’, ‘how do I implement them once I know what one(s) I’m going to use?’ With so many available these days, and more popping up, these questions can seem quite daunting.

The main point here is not to panic and ensure you; 1. Review the performance of the channels you are currently using and 2. Assess other channels available to you (for market fit and potential returns), allowing you to develop a new mix of channels that will allow you to reap the rewards.


To effectively implement these channels, you  must must remember to keep the customer at the forefront, ensuring you are giving the customer the ‘best experience ever’. When you have this locked down, your marketting efforts will fall into place.

This blog looks at seven of the marketing channels available to you. This list is by no means an exhaustive selection of channels (just see the top image to illustrate this), but provides you with an insight into how they can be used and how you can make them work for your organisation.



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