As you’re probably aware, the need for a marketing channel strategy is essential due to the rapid expansion in the number of possible channels through which customers can interact with your brand, inparticular social media, mobile or tablets and Smart technology. However, as more and more businesses adopt strategies it becomes increasingly more important to drive sales and break through the noise generated by the competition.

Millions areM4 - 2 now being spent on digital marketing, as opposed to the marketing techniques of decades passed. The benchmark these days are well thought strategies, executed with flair and style. The marketing channel strategy is all about how you and your company get your product from conception to consumption. It’s basically how you get your product or service to the end user; thinking about your customer, as well as the route to market and the customer journey.

This blog will take you through some of the key digital marketing channels that are crucial for your business. Updated weekly, you’ll be able to assess what one(s) work for you and how you can implement them to the benefit of your company.